007/365 Public Garden

It’s the most expensive view in Jakarta. a green open space (Ruang Terbuka Hijau = RTH), a lush public garden in the middle of housing area. Thank God I’m living in the south Jakarta area so I can still see this healthy (yet expensive) view.

From 6 area (Kotamadya) in DKI Jakarta Province, South Jakarta was designed as water absorption area. we can see gardens like this in much places, althought unfortunately some of them converted (yes, trees chopped down) into office building, commercial places, and housing area 😦

On of my dream is to buy garden like this, preserve all the trees and water absorption area, create an amusement park, jogging track, etc. So that people can gather here, take a walk, doing exercise or jogging, and children can climb the trees, playing barefootly on the ground, hide and seek, etc. All for FREE! Really want to realize this dream. Wanna help me? 🙂

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